Monday, March 2, 2009


Dreams. They change, take form, come true, or are destroyed. At the same time, they're what keep life worth living. 

My dreams have changed, some have died, only to come back more beautiful and mature than ever before. Some have come true all ready, while some will be here my whole life. 

What are my dreams now? 

Paris has come true for me.  While I long to return to continental Europe, it's not with the intense longing that has been fulfilled by my visit.  

Mexico, then Kenya are my next hopefuls. Dreams I've had since the age of five, one that may be fulfilled next year, thanks to the wonders of language immersion. The other, we shall see but I have a feeling that it is soon to follow.

I still dream of going into maternal/child healthcare. I have been flirting with the idea of working as a doula, assisting women in delivery and during the post partum period. Nothing serious yet, just took a free online course in breastfeeding and have been reading the books.  If my mind has not changed within a few weeks, I'll buy the certification packet and take it one step at a time. That way I could get non-medical experience and see if I still want to follow that path. Also, in this economy, extra money and skill sets could not be more useful. And if I still love it, then I get the MPH in maternal/child health education. 

I still dream of travel. Peace Corps is in my plans.

Something I've never really admitted: I really do dream of getting married and having a family. Two kids, maybe three, probably not many more, at least one being adopted. I dream of a boy named Dante and a girl named Anaïs. A spouse who's just as crazy, wild and excited by life as I am. A place in the NY/NJ area, near NYC.  Paella perpetually on my stove, people always over, wine, tea, and coffee always served, always Friday and always five after five.  

I'm seeing friends with new rings sparkling from their left hands, showing the beginnings of new dreams. I'm seeing friends embark on new journeys, literal and symbolic, leaving behind the lives of adolescents and college kids to take their place as adults. 

Cinderella says that a dream is a wish your heart makes.  I believe dreams are more than just wishes. They're the sparks that kindle the flames to our desires. The flames are then fanned by are actions, driving us to strive for something greater than ourselves and ultimately find fulfillment.

I pray your fires stay well kindled and burn bright, tonight and for the rest of your lives. 

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