Thursday, April 14, 2011

I need to do something

Everywhere I look, something explodes.

Around me, I see youth revolting against oppressive regimes. I see them come together, armed with a greater education and tech savvy, willing to do what it takes to topple oppression.

I see my own government become more repressive, making itself a slave to corporations and in turn, enslaving us. I see my rights as a woman, my opportunities as a youth, being bartered over an excuse to "cut spending." I see my media, once a watchdog, now made into a docile lapdog of the wealthy, no matter their political slant.

I see my own Church leaders forgetting their mission, their obligation, to social justice when it's not politically convenient. Whether it's child abuse (that they're only now starting to fight) or a governor's desire to cut funding for medical care, I see them turning their backs on their obligation, their own clerics, and their own people.

I see my environment made worse. I worry about the water I drink, whether it's tap water with carcinogens or bottled water of questionable origins. I worry about the food I eat, wondering if it, too, is poison.

I come into an economy that doesn't seem to want me, regardless of my education and skills.

I see my society become disconnected from each other. Young and old, rich and poor, we separate. Once thought to love, support and help each other, we fight, each trying to protect our gains.

I want to do something.

I need to do something.

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