Friday, March 4, 2011

Real Men

What is a real man? I'll tell you, he's not a macho stud-muffin who gets his way by aggression and domination. A real man doesn't consider women trophies, on a par with fancy new cars and big houses. A real man doesn't terrorize other men, simply because they also do not meet the same standard of manhood and masculinity (whether by personality or sexual preference). A real man doesn't treat the vulnerable as obstacles to his success.

OK, Katie, what is a real man? What does one do?

A real man is assertive without being aggressive. He understands that aggression is only meant for life threatening situations, not because the restaurant doesn't have plastic bags.

A real man genuinely listens to others and tries to contribute to society in positive ways.

A real man is secure in who he is and doesn't need a list of sexual partners to prove himself.

A real man is attentive to his companion and does not pressure them into anything that makes them uncomfortable.

A real man would rather die than lead his beloved into harm (physical or spiritual).

A real man is generous and humble and does not consider certain tasks as beneath him.

A real man seeks truth and goodness and constantly considers the consequences of his actions.

A real man believes there is such a thing as fidelity.

A real man sees women as sisters and friends, not commodities.

A real man encourages the people in his life to go after their talents, regardless of gendered expectations.

A real man knows that strength is for healing and protecting, not hurting. He also knows that women can be strong, physically and otherwise.

A real man looks at the heart more than the face.

A real man has integrity and stands his ground for what he believes in.

And if you tell me to my face that one doesn't exist, I'm gonna tell you you're dead wrong. Because I have one. So there.

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  1. Me too. And I am not joking, this is my husband to the tee but I think he might have trouble with dealing with the no plastic bag thingy....that would be kind of a shock for most of us lol j/K