Monday, February 9, 2009

Strange and Unlikely Coincidences......

When I was five, I said I would live in Kenya and Mexico, due to the fact that my kindergarten teacher would teach us a few words in Spanish and Swahili, thus fueling me with a lifelong love of languages. Well, here's what happened since then.

1. I ended up meeting a couple wonderful people who have a huge passion for Africa, especially Kenya (since they both studied there) and have shared a lot with me regarding that.

2. I may end up living in Mexico next summer.

3. My second language is Spanish.

4. I have a strong desire to go to Africa and to learn about it. I've had it for awhile and it's almost inexplicable.

5. My favorite things to drink are Kenyan coffee and chai (an Indian drink, but common in Kenya, due to the sizable Indian population).

6. I work in a Mexican restaurant and the people I speak the most Spanish with just happen to be Mexican (there are others of some type of Latin American descent who do speak Spanish, but I'm only starting to get comfortable speaking with them, they speak really fast and I can't keep up! lol).

7. The women's issues that speak strongly to me (besides pro-life) are either FGM (which 50% of Kenyan girls undergo :'() or femicide in Juarez, Mexico (which is only right across the border of the US. Scary).

But this one takes the cake:

8. Father could not say Mass last night, due to retreat, so he had one of his Dominican brothers come say Mass. Only this one happened to not only be from Kenya (and has spoken about the Church in Africa at school) but, when he gave me the keys to get snacks, I noticed that the keychain was designed like the Mexican flag and had Mexico written all over it.

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