Sunday, December 16, 2012

Marriage = Settling Down?

When I announced my engagement, I remember seeing a lot of shock.  I'll admit, our courtship was quite a whirlwind and, while we had talked about marriage several times, we had also talked about postponing an engagement for two years.  As it turned out, we've been engaged longer than we were dating!  On top of that, we're in a bit of a transient state.  Unlike generations past, where couples were expected to stay in the community and raise children, we are still trying to achieve some measure of job security.  We have no immediate plans to have children, don't foresee having the ability to buy a house soon and aren't even ready to buy a car.  On top of that, we are lately fantasizing about saving money and taking time to simply see the world.  

To us, being married doesn't mean we have to settle down and live a "normal" life. It simply means that, when either of us travel and explore, we have our best friend with us. It means we can enjoy being young together.  It means we can still indulge our appetites of adventure and our thirst for life and learn to stretch outside our comfort zones together.  It means we can learn together and understand how we both can contribute to the world. To us, it doesn't make sense to stay rooted until we've figured out how to plant those roots.

The day my companion first told me he loved me, I made him promise me something. Before I would return his ardor, I made him promise to travel with me.  He said yes, which allowed me to say I loved him back.  For both of us, taking these steps put us in vulnerable, but rewarding positions.  We look forward to seeing how our adventures help us to grow stronger by putting us through the same experiences. 

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