Saturday, January 28, 2012

20 Small Ways to be Consistently Pro-Life

1. Collect diapers and baby clothes for pregnancy resource centers and maternity shelters
2. Write letters to prisoners on death row
3. Donate professional clothes to organizations that prepare low-income people for job interviews
4. Donate winter clothes for refugees who come here with only the clothes on their backs
5. Volunteer in a school in a low-income neighborhood
6. Mentor a child through Big Brothers/Big Sisters (don't forget teens-they especially need mentors)
7. Write letters to your Congressperson about issues of hunger, poverty, and education
8. Educate yourself about these issues (Bread for the World is a great resource about hunger and poverty)
9. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
10. Help start a community garden
11. Write letters to Congress about environmental degradation (Green America is another great resource)
12. Host a fundraising event through Women for Women International to help women survivors of war in different parts of Africa
13. Make a Thanksgiving basket for a low income family on Thanksgiving
14. Correct your friends and relatives when they make a prejudicial remark about someone based on race, abilities, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or what have you
15. Call someone out on slut-shaming (speaking ill of a woman based on her real or perceived sexual past)
16. Collect supplies for your local rape crisis center/volunteer at your local rape crisis center
17. Volunteer at your local hospital/hospice center/nursing home
18. Advocate for people with disabilities
19. Advocate for paid parental leave and educational/vocational opportunities for low-income people
20. Advocate for education that includes contributions by people of all backgrounds

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