Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Me

At the beginning of 2011, I have already done a few things that surprise me. Due to the extreme amount of change I underwent in Kenya, I decided that I would switch a few things up yet again. Here's what I have done so far.

1. Got a perm. Yes, yours truly is a throwback to the 80's anyway, with her socks-and-pumps, leggings, U2 obsession and huge earrings. I decided my hair should reflect this. You see, I've always wished my hair was curly. When I was little, I had every set of rollers imaginable. As I got older, I would curl my hair for special occasions to hear my girlfriends say, "You look so HOT!" Inspired by this confidence, I decided to go for it. If it truly went to hell, I could just shave my head and start over (OK, maybe not that far). However, I find I like it a lot. I feel more confident about my looks and style and I can now say I love my hair.

2. Got a P90X kit. I am not always good about working out. I try to be but I find I'm just not that disciplined. However, when I'm home, I use my parents' P90X kit and find Tony Horton to be the greatest motivator (and ass-kicker) of all time. I not only do it every day, I don't even hit pause or fast forward like I usually would for a DVD workout. In addition, due to a physically demanding job, a love for travel (a very strenuous activity) and a family history of osteoporosis, I figured it was high time I put on some bone density. Yes, my life is busy, but I can put an hour in each day. I'm at my prime, I need to build up my strength for later.

3. Went to Times Square for New Years Eve. Yes, everyone says it's overrated but I figured I should do it at least once. For me, it was like Inauguration. It was crowded, it was miserable, I couldn't even leave to go to the bathroom. However, when the clock started counting down from one minute, I found it was the magic everyone thinks it is. I never felt so proud to be from this area like I did while listening to Sinatra croon as I'm escaping the crowd at midnight.

4. Decided I am actually open to a romantic relationship. For all who know me, this took AWHILE. I tend to be guarded and I think of my boys as my bros (particularly my "Godfather crowd", you know who you are). However, after a few experiences in Kenya and in the U.S., I realized I wouldn't mind welcoming someone into my life. Just because I am an independent woman who values work and loves to travel does not mean I cannot find someone who values the same. We'll see what happens this year. I am just happy knowing that I'm open.

Love and Peace, everyone! Happy New Year!

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