Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

This may come a bit late, but I just wanted offer this post in prayers for Haiti. The destruction they faced was unimaginable and my heart goes out to all the lives lost. Every day, I've been following the news and each story is uniquely tragic. From the woman who lost her goddaughter to families seeking treatment or burial for loved ones to Haitians in America worried about family back home to American families waiting on news of their adopted Haitian children, there is so much suffering.

Suffering is never meaningless. It has the potential to fortify our souls and help us appreciate beauty (look at the stories of any Catholic saint or any other great hero, of any faith or no faith). Suffering also stands as a test: How far will we go to help our fellow man? Will we aim to see through each other or to see each other through? Let's pray and hope that it is the latter.

Finally, I just want to offer thanks. Thank you, President Obama for your speedy response. Thank you to all those working to ease the burdens and rebuild the nation. And thank you to God, because, despite this, God is good. Hopefully, we'll emulate that.

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