Sunday, May 31, 2009


"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me....." Luke 4:18

Fire fills my heart,
Fills my soul,
As I ache to receive
The warmth of Your love.

For Your love is mighty,
Cleansing, creating,
Turning the stuff of
My soul to white ash.

They say Hell is hot,
But Heaven is hotter,
Love's flashes like those
Of a raging flame.

Your love is life-giving,
Your heat fills me
With unstoppable speed,
Your light with unending warmth.

Unlike others,
This fire never dies,
But the embers live on,
Smoldering in my heart,
Kindling the depths of my soul.

Happy Pentecost Monday, everyone!


  1. I like this. Pentecost is a great Sunday of the year at my home church because it's also confirmation Sunday. Happy birthday church!