Thursday, April 16, 2009

Name Change

Some of you who read my blog (though I don't understand why you would) may wonder why I changed the name from "Caffè Firenze" to "Doubting Tom's." To be honest, I did not even know I would change the name until relatively recently. Why such a switch?

I took a look at the tone my blog was taking. Instead of containing poetry, stories, and exotic happenings/art work (as a good café would), it contains rants, questions, and ponderings about life. Rants about women's rights, questions about God, and loud voices railing against injustice just seem to be a very odd fit for a quaint, classy Italian café, if they fit at all. I no longer felt I was drinking espresso in the Renaissance capital of the world, having discussions about beauty. Thus, the need to change.

Why "Doubting Tom's"? The name came from a recent conversation with a friend of mine. I was telling her about a parish I hope to be attending soon, named after St. Thomas. When asked which one, I said St. Thomas the Apostle and she immediately replied, "Doubting Thomas church. How appropriate for you" (after my tendency to question the very things I believe in the most). After marinating on it, I imagined a bar with an intellectual atmosphere, books of theology, politics and philosophy over a pint of Guinness, a bar a parish would attend after Mass or for Theology on Tap. Thus, Doubting Tom's was born.

As someone who constantly questions everything around me, wondering what life is and what life should be like, as someone who questions the very faith she'd willingly die for, how much more appropriate is it to name my space after the apostle who questioned Christ Himself?

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